Who Are We?

Our Story

Meet Jack & Ezra

Jack and Ezra are two fluffy brothers that were born in March 2020. They were bonded from day one and have been a huge source of entertainment for us. They are Ragdoll-Persian mixes who love to play, cuddle, and learn new tricks. They are pure mischief makers!

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Our Social Media

We started an Instagram page to share the adventures of these adorable cats who always make us laugh and smile with their antics and skills. At first, we shared it with just our family and friends but soon, they became internet sensations with their cute and funny photos and videos. Now, they have a loyal fan base who follow their every move on social media.

The Company

Our Inspiration

Jack & Ezra inspired us to create our own company, where we make beautiful and quality products for cats and their humans. And, they play a huge role in the company as our meowdels, testers and company spokeskitties. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and getting to know Jack and Ezra better.